Duel 2 Reunion Poll: Will Paula And Evan Bounce Back?

Paula Walnuts' potty-mouthed tirades on this season's Duel Dish have taught us that you never, ever wanna get on her bad side. And even though Evan's known her forevs, he managed to do just that when he sacrificed Paula (his supposed best bud on The Duel 2) in order to appease the alliance gods.

Sure, Paula sez she's not ready to forgive and forget -- but we're thinking Evan's way too lovable (and hilarious! and Canadian!) to kick to the curb on the realz! 'Sides, Paula talks tough, but she's really a softie. (Fact: She sorta forgave Kenny and Johnny and they screwed her over WAY worse on The Island!)

+ Think grudgy old Paula will stay mad at Evan forever? Or will she (eventually) give him an opp to earn back her trust? Sound off, and tell us whether you think the former friendzies are "rebuilding" -- or on permanent not-speaking terms.

+ Need an instant replay? Watch Paula and Evan fight, scream and hug it out(?) on the Duel 2 Reunion!