Relationship Update: Brooke's Knockin' Boots With Shot At Love's Lisa!

At the end of last night's Duel 2 reunion special, Mark teased us by saying Brooke had found love with another MTV alum. Well, we've done some digging (slash happen to be slightly BFF with Brooke) and found out her new-ish lady friend is none other than Lisa (a.k.a. That Really Tough Chick) from Shot at Love 2!

In a series of clips posted on YouTube, the two reality tv vets -- who are now officially living together! -- admit they've been in love for nine months (despite a few makeups/breakups) and take the time to answer their fans' burning relationship questions.

Hmmm, guess this means Lisa (who went on Tila Tequila's dating show in the hopes of scoring a "wifey"!) finally found someone she can settle down with. That is, assuming Brooke's orgy days are a thing of the past ...

+ Fun fact: That pic of Brooke dates all the way back to her Real World: Denver days! Flip through her ancient photo gallery to see how Miss B went from innocent southern belle to undies-flaunting wild child to BYOO hot tub vixen.