Landon Admits There Were Sparks Between Him And Brittini!

After last week's reunion taping, we still had a few of our own nagging, unresolved issues with some of The Duel 2 cast members ... so we rounded 'em up and whisked them off to a very Brady room, where we poked and prodded. And danced to '70s music.

Our first order of business was with Landon. We knew he came onto the Challenge already committed to a girl back home, but we really needed to hear whether he'd considered a little harmless adultery with his hot, leggy partner, Brittini. We coulda sworn we saw sparks!

Well, our hunch proved correct. According to Lando, the opportunity for some hookage arose (tee hee, we're 12) at many points, but the strong-willed teammates decided to stick to a plan of staying professional (and sexually frustrated) so they could win the 100k. Fail.