16 And Pregnant's Farrah: 'I'm Way More Picky About Guys Now'

On top of being a teenage mom, 16 and Pregnant's Farrah also has to contend with being single. But that doesn't mean she's in a hurry to find a stepfather for Sophia. In fact, Farrah's feeling confident that she's got everything under control at the moment. Check out her update on life since filming wrapped.

As a pregnant teen, I felt rushed to get a million things accomplished before my daughter was born. That's why I graduated high school early and got a good head start on college. You might not believe me, but I can honestly now say that I don't find it hard to have a baby at a young age. I go to school, I go to work, I go out. It's all possible -- I just have to prioritize better than before. I don't really think age has anything to do with raising a child, it's been all about my mindset. I hope that was reflected in the episode tonight.

Being filmed for the show helped me learn more about myself, as well as my surroundings. Both the good and the bad. All in all, I'm glad that I agreed to film such an important part of my life. I'm happy I met lots of cool people while shooting this show and hope other girls get something out my story.

Since filming wrapped, I bought my own car and also competed in the National American Miss Pageant. (I came in 9th out of the Top 10!) I'm still building my acting and modeling portfolio, as well as continuing to pursue a degree in culinary arts. Sophia is four months old -- and very spoiled by my mom and grandma.

As far as guys go, I'm still going on dates here and there but I'm way more picky than before Sophia was born. I haven't found anyone to get excited about yet, but I'm doing just fine on my own -- and with the support of my family, of course.