Stephanie Pratt Confesses She Had An Eating Disorder

In the most recent issue of Us Weekly, Stephanie Pratt unloads a huge confession: the size 0-2 Hills star struggled with bulimia between June and August of 2008. According to the mag, Stephanie forced herself to throw up daily in an effort to slim down for the cameras, but her plan of attack backfired due to 5,000-calorie binges that actually caused her to gain 25 pounds. Serious depression and self-loathing followed: "... I would start crying and not be able to stop because I was so sad," she told Us. "I had a really bad drug habit at 16 and being bulimic took me to the same dark place."

We're heartsick to hear that Steph was suffering so badly, but can we just say ... we're so proud of our Fave Hills Cast Member of Season 5 for coming forward and sharing her story with tons of other girls out there who are facing the same issues. And thankfully, after lots of hard work, Steph was able to get her eating disorder in check. "I just thought, I'm this girl who has the chance to be on this TV show and I'm putting my head in a toilet."

Today Stephanie says that her troubled times are over, and we couldn't be more relieved. So Steph, thanks for being so brave. We're always rooting for you, sister. xo