Duel 2 Confessions! Everyone Wants To Marry Rachel, Kill Dunbar

As you saw from The S@#! They Should've Shown, some of the best Duel 2 footage never even made it onto the air. And we're thinking this vid -- of the Duelers playing "F***, Marry or Kill" -- definitely qualifies as too hot for tv. Find out who's at the top of everyone's "People To Kill" list (hint, his name rhymes with Funbar!) and hear who Diem, Jenn, Landon, Evan and Rachel want to bed, wed and leave for dead -- although not necessarily in that order.

Warning: The following video contains excessive use of the F-word. Sensitive Sallies (and folks under 18) are strongly advised to cover their ears.

+ Catch up on more unseen footage (like Evan weighing the pros/cons of missionary), and tune in tonight at 10m for the Duel 2 reunion special!