BFF Rewind! Should Paris Have Sent Nicole Packing Instead?

Clearly, Paris made the right call by cutting Katie loose (girl heard TTYN and fired back with some four-letter words of her own!). But we would've liked to have seen more of Kristen, the slightly spoiled rich girl who reminds us that not everyone in Tinseltown wears a size 0. So who should've gone home instead? That'd be Nicole, the girl whose helium-meet-nails-on-a-chalkboard voice is topped only by her fugly prom style and her icky "Paris doesn't hang out with fat girls" snipes.

Think Nicole should've been booted for being an airhead with next-to-no fashion sense? Or was Paris right to toss Kristen, the (apparently) stuck-up trustafarian who snoozed through the makeover challenge? Take our poll and let us know whether Paris got it right this week!