Speidi Vs. Al Roker: Whose Side Are You On?

You've seen the infamous Today show interview, you've heard Spencer and Heidi put Al Roker on blast and you've read what the inflamed newsie had to say for himself in defense of Speidi Interviewgate '09. And even though Heidi sez she's ready to forgive Roker ("The devil gets into all of us sometimes," she acknowledged to Usmagazine.com), we're still kinda reeling from the unexpected tete-a-tete.

Did Roker hit below the belt by ambushing Spencer and Heidi (and asking if they were "proud" of themselves) on national TV? Or was he right to call them out on their outrageous behavior on I'm A Celebrity? Take another look at the morning show melee then tell us whose side you're on!

Bonus: More Today show scoop! Hear what Spencer and Heidi told MTV News crews about Al Roker's less-than-sunny disposition.