Kristen: 'I'd Rather Be Big And Beautiful Than Skinny And Ugly'

It's been a few months since Kristen got kicked off Paris Hilton's My New BFF, but she still stands behind her sincere motives for going on the show. Below, read her thoughts about being (wrongly!) eliminated, as well as a few wickedsmart words on being comfortable with your own body.

First off, I have to say how lucky and thankful I am that I was even chosen to be on this show. I went on it for the sole purpose of meeting Paris and hopefully becoming her new BFF.

At the beginning, I was leery of making friends with the other contestants, so I did come off as cold. I have been hurt before by the people closest to me. But as I got to know some people and they got to know me, I can honestly say I made a few friends for life.

What I cannot understand is how some people think that a friendship can be based on a dress size. If that's the case, then these are people I wouldn't want to be friends with anyway. Besides, I would rather be labeled "big and beautiful" than "skinny and ugly." You can't fix ugly -- whether it’s on the inside or outside.

I've received an overwhelming amount of messages from girls who said they were so happy to see someone on TV who didn't look anorexic. I don't need the fame and fortune. Just being an inspiration for young girls to love themselves as they are is enough for me.

I also learned that people didn't take well to the privileged life that I live. Well, they shouldn't try to be Paris Hilton's friend then ... they'll definitely get jealous of her!

I'm proud of myself and my family. My parents worked hard to give me a good life. If people don't like that I have a great life, then it is simply their problem, not mine.

Overall, I learned so much about myself and gained even more self-confidence. Like some of the girls, I had no motives to further a career in the entertainment industry. I didn't even want to live in Hollywood. I know that I'm one of the realest people Paris will ever meet, and I was definitely eliminated too early. Not all of the hungry tigers were out of there yet!