Message From Maci: 'The Good Experiences Count For Everything'

Times got tough for Maci and Ryan during tonight's premiere of 16 and Pregnant. And while Bentley's proud mama admits her life was "turned upside down," she also says that she matured a lot and "learned the real meaning of love." Below, find out straight from Maci how motherhood's been going since filming wrapped a few months ago.

Becoming pregnant at 16 changed my entire life, as well as my outlook on the future. It completely turned my world upside down, keeping me from doing certain things I once wanted to do -- but also creating new and beautiful things to treasure moving forward. I have grown so much this past year, and learned many things that really changed every aspect of the way I think and act. Becoming pregnant at such a young age could have had a negative impact on my life, but I chose to not let it have that effect on me. Instead, I matured so much and learned the real meaning of love. I also realized all of the wonderful things life has to offer.

Being filmed for the show was one of the most exciting things I have ever done, but it also added SO much stress to my already ridiculously stressful life. The show's crew and producers quickly became part of my life, and it felt like they were just along for the ride. On the flip side, there were definitely times when I wanted the cameras to just go away. Having your life taped is crazy, and you can only imagine what it's like while 16 AND pregnant.

Since filming wrapped, things have turned around completely. Ryan and myself got over our selfishness and have made a huge effort to make our relationship work. Things still are not perfect between us, but I am confident that they will be pretty close to perfect soon.

Being a new mother is filled with so many new experiences, both good and bad. The good ones count for everything, and the bad ones are completely worth it. Having a child has only made me into a stronger person. I have no regrets about how anything played out, having Bentley or bringing the entire world into my sensitive situation. I feel I have made all of the right decisions, and I have to admit that I'm pretty proud of myself and Ryan for the way we've handled each step of our journey.

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