16 And Pregnant Poll: Should Maci Stay With Ryan?

By the end of tonight's 16 and Pregnant premiere, Maci appeared pretty frazzled. It certainly didn't help that her fiance, Ryan, was M.I.A. throughout much of her pregnancy, as well as Bentley's first few months.

On the one hand, we understand. Ryan's really young! Having a baby probably isn't something he saw himself signing up for as a teen. On the other hand, there's a time to wallow and a time to quit whining and accept that your priorities have to change. And we would love to see Ryan step up to the parental plate -- or at least help out a smidge -- before Bentley's walking, talking and sitting on his therapist's couch.

+ Think Ryan's a bad guy for shirking out on his dad duties? Or is he just in need of a little time and patience from Maci? Take our poll and tell us: Can Ryan turn things around and become a better father/fiance ... before it's too late?