Breaking: Tila Tequila Debunks Self-Perpetuated Pregnancy Rumors

Last month, Shot at Love alum/chronic oversharer Tila Tequila started an uproar when she made a special announcement via Twitter: "[The] reason why I've been feeling sick on and off lately is because yes, I am pregnant!"  Natch, peeps wanted to know all the gory details (i.e. how far along, who's the baby-daddy, have you decided on his/her stripper name) but Tila stubbornly refused to comment, confirm or dish the dirt on those self-fueled pregnancy rumors ... 'til now.

Four weeks after dropping the p-bomb (and telling the "A-list" daddy to man up), Tila's finally breaking her silence to share some important news: she's not really with child! Also? Maybe she never was. Not that it was (is?) any of your beeswax. Jerks.

"First of all...the PREGNANCY rumors...the point is...maybe I was pregnant, or maybe I wasn't pregnant," Tila blogged on her Celebrity MySpace.

"I think that is something very personal," she went on(?!), "but I'm going to clear that up now and say that I am not currently pregnant.  So there you go!  Let's move on now!  NEXT!"

On the heels of her maybe-I-made-the-whole-thing-up confession, Tila then proceeded to lecture everyone (else) 'bout the evils of rumor-mongering and closed with a special message to her followers:

"Don't be mad because I outsmarted you, haters!"

We wouldn't dream of it, crazy lady.