Do Lindsay And Jordan Need To Lighten Up?

Week after week, we've watched as Jordan moped, mumbled, sighed, trudged and whatevered his way through freshmen year. In fact, ever since the Tattoo Incident, where he used his parents' tuition money to pay for ink, dude's been skulking around like someone just shot his dog -- or worse, his fave indie recording artist.

Likewise, Lindsay's spent the better part of her year camping out in the liberry (HOT!) and worrying obsessively over grades, boys, grades, roommates and the parentals. (Oh, and grades. Did we mention grades? Because, yeah. Seriously. Grades.)

So what's the deal: Do these sad sacks need to chillax, lighten up and get a one-way ticket out of Blahsville? Or are they dark, tortured, brilliant and misunderstood? Let us know whether these Debbie Downers are misconstrued misfits -- or one woe-is-me short of a total breakdown!