Who Won The Award For Fave Hills Cast Member? (It's Not LC!)

Of all the cast members on The Hills, Stephanie Pratt recently emerged as my new favorite. (Sorry, Lo! Better luck next time!!) She imbibed Season Five with the perfect mix of slapstick, sh**-stirring and just plain awesomeness with her random asides and massive fails. (Steph proved to have a good head on her shoulders, too, when she realized one of the White Tie Affair boys had a girlfriend and refused to go home with him. Golf clap!)

Below, Team Detox's favorite Stephanie Pratt moments from Season Five:

5) Stephanie Doesn't Know How To Wear A Seat Belt (Episode 9)

Okay, in all fairness, Steph actually does know how to wear a seat belt. She just chooses to wear it her way to avoid tan lines.

4) Stephanie Can't Stop Saying Robert's Name (Episode 7)

While out to lunch with Lauren, Steph announces the name of her boyfriend ... in several different accents. "RoBERT! Roberto! Robert!" Who knew she liked ethnic guys?

3) Stephanie Thinks Heidi's New Sandals Are The Coolest Things Ever (Episode 10)

Steph realizes that Heidi's sandals imprint "Just Married" into the sand while she walks on the beach, and the ensuing joy, wonder and amazement expressed rivals that of my three-year-old nephew when I blow bubbles in his face.

2) Stephanie's Ringtone Is "No Diggity"

Best. Ringtone. Ever.

1) OMG Why Is Stephanie's Resume In An Envelope? a.k.a. The Worst Interview In The History Of Employment (Episode 3)

The Kelly Cutrone/Steph Pratt showdown began in their first professional meeting, when Steph faked speaking French, professed her dream of becoming a handbag designer and acted like she didn't know what a sticky label was. As Kelly said to Lauren later, "The interview was such a folly, she could be genius."

But there are far too many Steph moments to really count. We loved recapping The Hills because of her, so we recently awarded Stephanie with a Detoxy Award for "Favorite Hills Character!" In our full-season recap below, Steph even gave us an acceptance speech (around the 3:00 mark). So check out the video and let us know: What was your fave Steph moment from Season Five???

P.S. We also learned that Steph is a huge fan of Detox! Holy crap, she really likes us!