VIDEO: Watch This Week's Speidi Madness, From Start To Finish!

At the beginning of NBC's I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, Speidi proclaimed themselves to be the "most famous people in the world." A slight(?) exaggeration at the time, now it seems as if all of America (and most of Bangladesh, Dubai and the African village of Fulani) are following the couple's shenanigans. That's right, just five days after the show's premiere, Spencer Pratt's about to outrank Jon & Kate Gosselin in terms of most talked about Reality TV stars!

Since Spencer and Heidi are to MTV what multiple cats are to old crazy bats, we'll be airing a marathon of this week's I'm a Celebrity! episodes, plus lotsa funny bonus footage of their antics. The big event starts at noon on Sunday, but until then we've brought you a taste of some very special deleted scenes, beginning with Spencer's declaration to run for president -- and win -- in 2012.

Behold, Speidi in the Mist midst of Operation A-List Or Bust!

After the jump, video of Heidi explaining how eco-friendly, dry shampoo kept her spirits up in the jungle!

Click here for even more deleted scenes of Speidi on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, including a serious meltdown over that same eco-friendly, dry shampoo from above.