Steve-O Update: These Days, He's Inkin' Instead Of Drinkin'

It's no secret that Steve-O's a recovering everything-a-holic. And in addition to documenting his struggle with sobriety (dude says it reminds him of "what an ****" he'd become), Steve-O's found another way to keep his mind off the booze/drugs. His new plan? Covering every square inch of flesh with I'm-(still)-not-drinking tats. Or, so says the New York Post, whose spies spotted him at an L.A. tattoo parlor last week.

"He was talking a lot about sobriety and passing another landmark,” a source told NYP's Page Six. "He seemed like he was getting the tattoo on the back of his shoulder to mark a new sober period. He was in really good spirits."

No pun intended, we assume. All joking aside though, we continue to root for Steve-O and admire his commitment to staying clean. From what he's said (and what we've seen) of his life pre-intervention, Jackass doesn't even begin to cover it.

+ Want more info on Steve-O's road to recovery? Watch Steve-O: Demise And Rise for a shockingly sobering account of the funnyman's ups, downs and out-of-control behavior.