Paris BFF's Rachel: 'I Was Eliminated For Stupid Reasons'

On Tuesday's premiere of Paris Hilton's My New BFF, Paris made it clear to the new wannabe besties that she would not put up with any "hungry tigers." And true to her word, the heiress gave Rachel a swift kick in the butt ... because an actual tiger may or may not have smelled something suspicious. Below, Rachel chimes in with an answer to our only question: 'Double U. T. F?!'

There was probably only one person on the show who got to see the real me, and that was Arielle. (Unfortunately, we were both eliminated with a quickness ... for stupid reasons.) I'm really not a super "aggressive girl" as my bio portrays. I'm a goofy and fun person!

I feel like Paris didn't give me a chance. I mean, I didn't even get any one-on-one time with her. Plus, I was probably one of the only girls who wasn't there to further her career. I'm a hair stylist, not an actress, singer or model like the others.

Overall, taping the show was totally fun and I made some great new friends -- too bad they all live so far away! If Paris actually got to know me and hang with me, I definitely wouldn't have been the first to be "TTYN"ed! I wish I could have gotten to be better friends with her because when I got home I had to TTYN my own BFF for backstabbing me with my ex-boyfriend. I wish Arielle lived here in San Jose!