Newsflash! Audrina Patridge No Longer In Chris Pine's Orbit

It's all across the galaxy: Audrina Patridge and Trekkie Chris Pine have apparently called it quits. And nevermind that they weren't "officially" dating to begin with. So what happened? Well, after being spotted out with 'Drina last month (and seated side-by-side with her at last week's MTV Movie Awards), the Star Trek star was apparently overwhelmed by all the media attention --- and had a sudden change of heart.

"Chris Pine was forced to dump Audrina because his camp wants him to take the right strategic steps to become a big movie star," reported Hollyscoop, who quoted the same source as saying "[d]ating a reality show star would tarnish his image."

Natch, we don't know if this is true or not (no word from Chris or Audrina's camps), so we're gonna consider this the Chris Pine Is A Spineless Jerkface theory. And since we're on the subject of meaningless conjecture, here's another idea: maybe two people with ridiculously hectic schedules grabbed dinner once or twice, then everyone else made a really big deal about it. (FYI: We're calling that one the Duh theory.)

Either way? Sounds as though Audrina might be back on the singles market after all. And if she is, we wish her all the best. Our advice? Chin up, ignore the nasty words of Spencer Pratt and remember: Not EVERY guy out there is a total space case (or a freak from another planet).