K-Cav Already Living Up To Her Reputation As Le Byotch

So far Kristin Cavallari's popped up on exactly one episode of The Hills -- but she's already managed to intimidate Lo, scare the bejebus outta Stephanie and get her name plastered across the top of Audrina's shiz list. And those aren't the only peeps she's rubbed the wrong way. Tattles the New York Post's Page Six:

"[Kristin Cavallari] was hosting a fashion show at club Tantra in St. Maarten with Victoria's Secret beauty Selita Ebanks when she decided to playfully toss some glitter at catwalking models, who didn't appreciate the gesture. 'After the show, four of the models had to be restrained from trying to start a fight with her [...]' says a spy. 'One of them grabbed her by the hair before the fracas got broken up.' Club security eventually escorted the miffed models out before anyone broke a nail."

Hear that, folks? A few minutes of Kristin was all it took to turn a roomful of international supermodels into a bunch of catfightin' Girls Gone Wild! Now, multiply that anger times ten, throw in a pinch of possessiveness and you've pretty much summed up 'Drina's feelings on the whole Kristin-and-Justin Bobby sitch  ...