Prediction Time! Can 'Neesa Take Tori Down?

We can sum up our feelings on this episode in one word: @#&*! Nobody likes a cliffhanger, but putting one in the second-to-last episode? Now, that's just mean. Yep, contrary to expectation (not to mention common decency), tonight's episode ended with Tori and Aneesa going at it in the duel -- and it's still anyone's game. And since we love a good wager, we wanna know which chick you guys think is headed straight for the finale.

+ Think Aneesa can keep up her unprecedented Duel domination? Or will Tori's cooler head (and insane-o arm strength) prevail? Take the poll and let us know who's moving one step closer to that $100,000 -- and who's just movin' on.