Duel Poll: Is Rachel Playing Dirty?

Rachel might've convinced Aneesa she was watching her back, but from the looks of it, she had only one thing on her mind: stacking the odds in her favor. After telling Evan that Diem was the weaker player, she turned on the charm with 'Neesa, manipulating her old "friend" into calling Tori out instead. And while Tori wasn't fooled for a second (she immediately accused 'Nees of doing Rachel's "dirty work"), Aneesa never knew what hit her, lashing out at Tori instead of turning a suspicious eye at her old pal, Rach.

+ Think Rachel really was looking out for Aneesa's best interest, as promised? Or was she just trying to protect herself -- by convincing 'Nees (a likely non-contender) to take out her biggest competition?

Take the poll and let us know whether you think Rach's more concerned with mending fences -- or scheming her way into the finale.