Day26 On Danity Kane: They Kept Their Fans In The Dark

These days, it's easier than ever to pick up a tabloid, head over to TMZ and find out anything and everything you wanna know about your favorite celebs. But somehow, Danity Kane managed to hide the behind-the-scenes drama from their fans right up until the moment the group called it quits. And now, their Making the Band brothers (a.k.a. Day26) admit that might've been a major mistake.

"With the whole Danity Kane situation, that was like a shock. Well, of course we knew what was going on because we were on the inside, but they pretty much left their fans high and dry," Brian sez in a recent interview with the AP (via

Embarrassing as it was for Day26 to air their dirty laundry (particularly this past season), the boys agree they'd rather put it all out there than pretend to be something they're not.

"They kept their thing a secret, we didn't," sez Will. "We had our problems and the world was able to see that. [Fans] were able to give their opinions on it and I think that was the best thing for us to do because at the end of the day, all the groups go through it."

+ Think Day26 was right to put their personal probs on display? Or did Danity Kane have the right idea by keeping fans in the dark? Let us know whether you think groups should put their game faces on 24/7 -- or allow fans to see the less-glamorous side of showbiz from time to time.