TTYN, Arielle And Rachel! Freaks And Geeks Will NOT Be Tolerated

Although Amanda's (cough) *amateur* stripper moves saved her from elimination, Wallflower Arielle and Rachel (of scary diary fame) were not quite so lucky. And when the dust finally settled, we learned that Paris Hilton will not stand for hungry tigers, creepy doodlers or peeps with zero fun quotient this time around. But she's not looking for any attention hogs (or tostada-haired wussies), either.

(Note to Stephen: If Paris wanted a drama queen, she would've tapped wannabe-turned-permapet Onch to be her bestie!)

+ Think Paris make the right decision with her first round of cuts? Take a look at our bottom five and let us know whether pole-a-phoic Stephen, annoying "cartoon mouse"-voiced Nicole or stripper savvy Amanda should've gotten the ol' heave-ho instead.