Paris Goes Undercover! But Did She Have You Fooled?

Paris Hilton's Brooklyn accent might need a little work (see: Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny for guidance), but her tough girl 'tude, all-leather wardrobe and and Hilton-esque body double helped her convince the BFF hopefuls that she was one of the gang. ('Course, the prosthetic nose (and nose ring!) didn't hurt, either.)

And, alright, we admit it: Before Paris let us in the joke, we had poor, fictional Gina pegged as the resident angry rocker chick (a la Amy Winehouse, only grouchier)! And we wanna know: did she get you, too?? Take the poll and let us know whether Paris' quickie reveal had you cryin' "told YA so!" -- or reaching for the rewind button on your remote control.