Honeymoon In Hell! Speidi Already Want Out Of Their Contract

Spencer and Heidi agreed to love each other in sickness and in health on Sunday night's Hills finale/wedding extravaganza, but they never said anything about surviving three weeks together without clean clothes, Twitter and (brace yourself) s-e-x.

Speidi's not-very-well-thought-out new gig on NBC's I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here -- a show that puts pampered celebs in the middle of nowhere and clocks the amount of time it takes for them to self-destruct -- prompted an angry call from Spence to NBC's Chairman during last night's premiere. (Dude's super famous! He will NOT clean up D-lister poop!)

That's right, after less than a few days of filming, the couple has already mouthed off to network execs, claimed that their fellow castmates are devaluing their fame ("[We're] too rich and too famous to be sitting with these people") and stormed off the set -- er, out of the jungle -- twice. And there's more...

"According to inside sources," RyanSeacrest.com reported, "Speidi has refused to eat the same food as the rest of the cast because they want to be treated like stars. They thought they would be staying in a Four Seasons Hotel, working out and getting a tan."

Fortch for Speidi fans (us!), they've decided to stick it out, at least for now. You can catch Mr. and Mrs. Pratt on part two of Rumble in the Jungle I'm A Celebrity, tonight at 8pm.

UPDATE: Or ... not. TMZ and Usmagazine.com claim Speidi just peaced outta Costa Rica for realzies! Say it ain't so, 'Spency!