Wedding Drama! From Holly's Blown Toast To LC's Surprise Visit

We went into this Hills season finale expecting to see some fireworks ... and we're happy to say the episode TOTALLY delivered! There were botched champagne toasts, unexpected apologies and more than one surprise wedding guest. And since Lauren Conrad's last episode (ever???) merits a play-by-play, allow us to walk you (back) through all the drama leading up to Spencer and Heidi's nuptials, starting with: the bridal shower.

Although Heidi told Stephanie she'd chosen her (real-life) sis as Maid of Honor, Holly's late arrival at the shower was the first clue that she wasn't totes up to the task. But it wasn't 'til the rehearsal dinner that Holly really hit her stride, giving an awkward, boozy speech, ruining her sister's purse and yelling slurry things about Spencer's inappropriateness. Sure, she apologized later -- and gave Heidi one last chance to back out -- but we wanna know what you think: Did Heidi make the wrong decision? Hit the poll, then read on for more drammity drama!

Speaking of the rehearsal dinner, Holly wasn't the only one oversteppin'. The new and improved Spencer Pratt dutifully chased after Heidi's sister, but instead of coaxing her back to the table, he shamed her for the Flying Fruit Incident and made her cry watery, champagne tears in front of Darlene. In his defense, he spoke calmly (and not unreasonably) when he reminded her that food should be eaten, not thrown, but we're thinking the last thing Boozy McGee needed was an I-told-you-so. 'Course, we've been wrong before, so we're asking you:

Finally, we come to the biggest question of the night/century. After thinking it over for days and days, Lauren put her judgments aside long enough to watch her former best friend exchange vows with her least fave person. And while we're thrilled she made Heidi's (wedding) day, we can't imagine she was being entirely honest when she told Heidi she was "happy" for her. Think LC made the right move by putting her feelings (re: Spencer) aside for the time being? Speak now, or forever hold your peace!

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