Hills Finale Poll: Is 'The Old Spencer' Really Retired?

During tonight's HISTORY-MAKING season finale of The Hills, Spencer Pratt stuck his pointy tail between his legs and unleashed more takesies-backsies on the people he had hurt in the past. In a humbling effort to try and convince Darlene and Brody that he's a changed man, Spence admitted to having "issues," for which he'd been receiving professional help (a few times a week!). And while The New Spencer copped to The Old Spencer's sleaziness and pinky-sweared he's all grown up now, Brody wasn't buying it. Not for a second.

Darlene was a different story. Mom wanted so badly to believe that Spencer had suddenly become her daughter's knight-in-shining-armor that she accepted his numerous apologies and offered her marriage blessing.

+ So what do YOU think? Is The New Spencer here to stay, or is it just until the honeymoon's over? Take our poll!