Top Five Tearjerker Moments From The Hills Finale!

We laughed, we cried. We mostly cried. The Season Five finale of The Hills delivered lots of surprises (apart from the ones we already knew about!), and we'll be the first to admit that our emotions ran amok. Below, we present the Top Five Tearjerker Moments.

No. 1: Lauren and Heidi exchange I Heart You's at the church.

It's not such a shocker for those of us who read the tabloids/MTV News that Lauren decides to show for Heidi's wedding -- but a few secs into their one-on-one time, and we're all verklempt. That's cuz Lauren takes Brody's advice, practices some restraint and tells Heidi her over-the-top "goddess/princess/amazing person" jewelry is "perfect" when gf's clearly a bit perplexed by it. Then, LC utters what Heidi's been waiting to hear since the end of Season Two: "Regardless of everything that happened, I really am happy for you," she says. "If you are happy, that's all I want."

Before the girls part, they exchange I love you's that seem almost as heartfelt as Spencer and Heidi's forthcoming I do's. (Sniff, sniff.)

No. 2: Stephanie makes an extra special toast to Speidi at their rehearsal dinner.

Sure, she's not exactly known for staying dry-eyed (ever), but Stephanie's incredibly sweet toast, in which she tells Spencer she loves him and then says to Heidi, "I know that he's going to protect you and take care of you forever," is a moment that would make even Cowboy Bill shed a tear.

No. 3: Brody apologizes to Steph for his lame behavior.

Brody's not always one to be the bigger person (cheating on Jayde? throwing 'Drina under the bus afterward?). Which is why his apology to Steph Pratt for being a total jerkface in the past and doubting her good intentions with Lauren is pretty mind-blowing. And worthy of a tissue or two. (Bonus: The Brodester looks extra gorge while chewing on some humble pie, no?)

No. 4: Lauren says goodbye to Kelly Cutrone.

Who knew the Scary Boss Lady had it in her to offer up some solid advice, all while (crooked) smiley-faced? Kelly Cutrone's heart-to-heart with LC comes off very sincere, plus her life tips to "just follow your intuition and be smart and be brave and tell the truth and don't take any sh*t" are rather touching. More than anything, we cry because this may just be the last time we see Kel's graveyard-chic style grace The Hills. (Guess that's a good argument for tuning into the second season of The City.)

No. 5: Lauren Conrad, star of The Hills for five seasons, heads out the back door of the church, puts on her over-sized shades and rides off and away from the cameras to find out "what's next." It's the end of an era.

Fade to black. Cue the freakin' waterworks.