Season Recap! Find Out How It All Broke Down

As we shed a tear and bid The Phone (and the Operator!) adieu, it's time we took a look back at all the episodes past and recapped our favorite -- and least favorite -- moments. Read on to find out whether the givers (i.e. peeps who split the money) outnumbered the takers (peeps who took the briefcase and ran), plus hear our votes for the Best Solo Challenge, Grossest Mission and Best/Worst Teams!

Givers versus Takers: The final breakdown was Givers 4, Takers 2. Which means only 33.3% of the winners went the Ebineezer Scrooge (pre-makeover) route. Hey, not bad for reality tv!

Most Creative Death: Plane crash/eaten by seals. Amahzing.

Best Solo Challenge: Asking Mitch to pose nekked for a Life Drawing class. Good thing he just *happened* to be a personal trainer with six-pack abs!

Worst Team: Malayah and Jirair. They argued from the moment they met 'til the moment they officially became snake food. FAIL.

Best Team: Claudia and Christina, hands down! They had it all: a crazy catfight (with hair-pulling!), trashy outfits, for the (ahem) "fancy" nightclub, a Charlies Angels-esque skydive and a happy ending. *Sigh.*

Grossest Mission: Lab rats + bloody organs. Even if the scale part WAS very Die Hard: With A Vengeance.

+ Got any other categories you wanna throw in? (i.e. Biggest Heartbreak, Scariest Challenge, Snarkiest Operator Moment?) Sound off in the comments!