Spencer Is Praying For Jason Wahler Instead Of Beating Him Up

Looks like Jason Wahler's up to his old tricks, though this time he's taking out his ignorance on Spencer Pratt (as well as all gay men) by calling the newly-married Hills star "a little f*ggot."

Now Spence may not be one of your favorite people (even though we've been trying to make you see the light and embrace his burgeoning greatness), but everyone should give him a round of applause for this brilliant response, c/o TMZ.com:

"If I were to beat up every homophobic racist loser that challenged me to a fight, I wouldn't have time to be the most famous person in the world. I'll pray for Jason Wahler."

You boys and girls coming around yet? C'mon, open your mind and heart to keeper of the peace, Spencer Pratt!