Hot Shots: Does Whitney Throw Like A Girl?

We told ya Whitney Port came from a family of all-stars, and on Tuesday night she proved she's ready for the big leagues! The City cutie (looking super sporty in Dodger whites!) threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium in Tuesday's game against the Mets while her fam cheered her on from the stands. (Atta girl, Whit!) And from there, she was off to the blogs to deliver the official post-game report:

"What an exciting day!!!" Whitney wrote on her website. "It was so cool because I've been a Dodgers fan my whole life so it was really special to be there with my entire family ... I'm pretty proud of myself. For someone who hasn't played in quite a few years I think I did pretty well."

So do we! Hey, Whit, if you ever switch your allegiance over to the New York teams, let us know! The way Mariano Rivera's been pitching lately (or, as we call it, "blowing saves"), the Yanks could use another backup reliever in their bullpen!

BONUS: Missed the game? Watch Whitney wind up and make her MLB pitching debut!