Lo Bosworth Sez She's 'Excited' For The Cavallari Takeover!

Lo Bosworth may be Lauren Conrad’s perennial best bud, but that doesn’t mean she’s got a problem with LC’s old high school rival (a.k.a. Kristin Cavallari) comin’ to town. In the latest issue of OK! magazine (the one where Lo’s the cover girl!!), Lauren’s closest friend and supporter sez she’s actually “excited” about K. Cav joining the Hills cast.

“I grew up down the street from her and we had a lot of fun together,” Bosworth explained. And according to Lo, Kristin won’t have any problem getting the job done. “She knows how to be the center of attention and how to get the party started.”

That said, Lo’s not entirely sure how KC will fit in with the rest of the cast. “Right now we’re a unit and we all like each other for the first time. We’ve gotten to a point where we know each other well and work together really well.” Adding Kristin to the mix could definitely change all that! “She may stir things up,” warned Lo.

Um, we HOPE so. After all, it’s what Kristin does best!