Can Evan Lie, Cheat And Push His Way Into The Finals?

With six guys fighting for three spots, things are tenser than ever in New Zealand. And with only three Duels remaining, strategy is gonna be key from here on out. Enter Evan, who tried to solidify his place in the game by aligning himself with Mark. "Dunbar and MJ at the bottom will take us right to the final," he predicted.

Well, not quite.

Assuming Derek's the next to go, that still leaves Mark, Landon, Evan, MJ and Brad trying to claw their way in the finale. And of those five, Mark and Landon are probably the two LEAST likely to get called into The Duel beforehand. So while it's in Evan's best interest to align himself with a stronger player, it's in Mark's best interest to stay neutral and let the others (Evan, MJ and Brad) tire themselves out fighting over the last spot.

So, does Evan still have a shot at the money? Maybe, but he wasn't kidding when he said "it's gonna take a lot of luck, hard work, backstabbing, lying [and] cheating" in order to get there. And no matter what happens from here on out, it's definitely gonna be an uphill battle.

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