Rumor Alert: Is Audrina Dating Star Trek Stunner Chris Pine?!

Watching Audrina Patridge make eyes at those sketchsters from White Tie Affair, all we kept thinking was 'girl could do soooo much better.' Well, apparently 'Drina had the exact same thought. The Hillzie's reportedly been spending quality time with actor Chris Pine, a.k.a. the hottie who's steaming up screens as Captain Kirk in the latest vershe of Star Trek.

So is it true? Audrina's not sayin', but the two were spotted out together over the weekend, and some quick-thinking fan even snapped a pic of them flirting by the bar! Meanwhile, In Touch claims that earlier this month, paps caught Audrina sneaking out of Chris' place ten minutes before the Trekkie left to catch a flight. And is it just us, or has she been positively beaming (forgive the Star Trek pun) lately??

Well, if Audrina wanted to show Justin Bobby what he's been missing, hanging out with Chris Pine's definitely the way to go. Now if only we could hear what Chris said about Audrina in his Captain's log ...