LC's Tasty Treat: Sample Pages From Her Book, L.A. Candy!

Not gonna lie. When we first heard that Lauren Conrad was adding 'signed author' to her long list of job titles, we were a bit confused ... and admittedly kinda jealous. After all, LC's an expert in reality TV and fashion design, but it's not like she got a degree in creative writing at college (or spent countless hours schmoozing at a prestigious, post-grad publishing course!), or put years (and years!) into penning (grueling!) investigative magazine features ("Prom Queens Gone Crazy!") and (semi-absurd) online personality tests ("How Hot Are You?") before eventually earning the Editor position at a super-awesome (and highly-successful!) MTV blog ... like some (one) of us.

No, Lauren Conrad never even said she wanted to be a writer. But the truth of the matter is that she's not bad at it... OK, she's pretty good. Read this excerpt from her novel, L.A. Candy, which is loosely based on her own life as a real-girl-gone-famous. (And when we say "loosely," we mean that Brody's name has been changed to "Braden.")