Speidi Debut TWO New Must-See Music Videos! Must. See. Now.

We already told ya Spencer was calling himself "the white Jay-Z" and saying he could out-rap Asher Roth (even with mad laryngitis, yo!). But did you know The Great White (a.k.a. Spency) already made his first hardcore rap video? Sadly, T.W.H. isn't the man behind the mic this time (that would be mixed martial artist/purported Pratt pal Kevin Casey), but you can't miss his permashades, awkward K-Fed style crouch-dancing and low-swinging gorilla arms.

And after you've gotten over the thrill of watching Spencer's hip-hop cameo, we suggest you move right on over to Heidi Montag Pratt's new "Blackout" video. True to form, Heidi's got her hubby, Rapmaster SP, behind the camera -- and once again, the director has his subject dressed exclusively in sexy string bikinis.

Somehow, it all kinda works. We watched the vid this morning and have had Heidi (who relaxes in a hammock and climbs a giant rope-to-nowhere!) in our head ever since. It's cheesy, amazing, borderline ridiculous and off-the-chizzarts catchy.

Bottom line? Spencer's got 99 problems, but Heidi's "Blackout" video ain't one.