Why They Lost: The Malayah And Jirair Story

Malayah and Jirair might've been rattled by the scary snake challenge, but that wasn’t the first clue this terrible twosome proved toxic. Below, a bullet-point analysis of their various missteps along the way:

+ Jirair's accented English gave him a decided disadvantage on the Chinese Proverb challenge. Fortch, his partner Malayah was totally understanding. NOT! Which brings us to ...

+ Malayah's idea of a pep talk. Memorable moments include: "You're trying? Freakin' find words!" and "They put with a freakin' -- dude, you need to step up your game!"

+ Yep, once again The Operator (evidently) mixed and matched the teams based on pure entertainment value, pairing the "easily flustered" Jirair with She Of The "Very Short Fuse." Well played, Team Euro!

+ Question: Did Malayah remind anyone else of former America's Next Top Model winner Eva Pigford? No? Okay, then!

+ Instead of helping her partner, Malayah stood behind Jirair and nagged him incessantly while he rooted through snake-infested barrels. Her most positive contribution: "You're .... masculine?" (awkward pause, then): "You're a man."

+ While the other team sailed through the scrolls (well, Josh did, his partner just kept yelling "I hope you die!"), Jirair moved slowly, tentatively and paused to say things like "Stop looking at me, Snake!" Never a good sign.

Think these two ever had a chance? Sound off in the comments, please read up on all the other Phone fatalities!