Drunken Jenn To World: Kenny NEVER Tapped This

Watching theReal World/Road Rules Challenges is like eating potato chips — once you start, you can’t stop. And since Wednesdays (at 10pm) always seem so far away, we’ll be sifting through the Challenge Dailies every weekday afternoon to give you your daily dose of The Duel 2. You’re welcome.

Despite Rachel (a.k.a. Purple Sweater), Diem and Brittini's best efforts, Jenn's grabbing the Dailies mic to make an important (albeit inebriated) PSA involving one Kenny Santucci. (You remember Kenny, challengers. Tall, narcissistic, sleeps with Batman sheets? Dated Johanna, effed Paula over on The Island?)

Anyhoo, Jenn wants the world to know, once and for all, that Kenny did NOT "tap this." Ya heard?! Hmm, on second thought, it actually works better if you watch the clip and SEE Jenn jam her thumbs towards her uteral region when she says "this." And again while screaming "DON'T CLAIM YOU'VE BEEN HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T." Yeah, Kenny. Don't.