VIDEO: Is Cowboy Bill The Best Reality TV Dad Ever, Or What?

This week on The Hills (or as I like to call it: Countdown to Kristin Cavallari), The Pratt siblings stole the show ... yet we were also introduced to some new crazy characters: emo-hucksters trying to get into Audrina’s pants, as well as Cowboy Bill Montag, the rootin-est tootin-est reality show dad ever.

Stephanie Pratt, after doing the right thing and saving 'Drina from sleazy White Tie Affair, still got the axe from Kelly Cutrone via Lauren Conrad. (Steph, we're once again begging: Please come on Detox and tell your side of the story!)

And as for the other Pratt, it looks like Spencer managed to impress Heidi’s paw. Who knew cowboys could bond over Patron and ringtones?

Check out this week’s video recap below, and be sure to come back next Tuesday for another Detox from The Hills!