Olivia Palermo And Whitney Port: Frenemies No More?

Much as we love watching coworkers-slash-frenemies Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port exchange dagger eyes on The City, a little part of us has always hoped they'd find a way to kiss and make up (or at least stop competing 24/7).

And when we saw these pics of the DVF girls at a charity event with Nevan and Samantha (OMG, are they ACTUALLY TOUCHING?!), we thought maybe, just maybe, they'd done the unthinkable and become real-life friends!

Sadly, our joy was short-lived ... On closer inspection, we realized Whitney's totes looking past Liv in the top shot, and smirking more than smiling in the second. And by the third pic, the girls are completely ignoring one another and schmoozing with other party-goers!

So what's with up those tease frames? Well, you know what they say -- keep your friends close, and your frenemies closer!