Hills Poll: Which Of Spency's Proposals Was The Most Romantic?

There's one thing we know fo sho: Spencer's most recent marriage proposal to Heidi, which we all watched during last night's episode of The Hills, did indeed lead to a (legit) wedding fit for a princess/iconic reality TV couple. And Heids never looked happier than she did after kissing the groom ... aside from when she saw the new-and-improved engagement rock boulder Spencer whipped out on that ferris wheel. Sweet upgrade, 'Spency'!

Guess the third time really was a charm! But was it the most romantic? Or by now did it feel like more of a formality? Below, consider Spencer's first, second and third proposals, then tell us in the poll which moment made your heart skip a beat:

Prop No. 1: Spencer whisked Heidi away to the sandy shores of Santa Barbara, where he surprised her with a lavender-tinted stone of some sort and said, "In all seriousness, you're pretty much the most amazing human I've met in my entire life."

Prop No. 2: Spencer whisked Heidi away to Cabo, where he ordered muchos margaritas (and some shots of Patron), with a priest to go.

Prop No. 3: Spencer whisked Heidi away to an amusement park in Santa Monica, where he insisted their relationship would only improve once they were contractually obligated to love and cherish each other.