Drama Queen Kristin Cavallari Wants To Be The Anti-LC

Although Lauren Conrad won Hills fans' over as the low key girl-next-door, Kristin Cavallari's looking to shake things up as the show's resident wild child.

"Basically ... they want me to come in and start drama," she teased on Ryan Seacrest's radio show last week (according to Usmagazine.com). Fortunately, drama won't be much of a stretch for the loudmouthed Laguna native. "I'm good for it, it's fun."

So what's Kristin's plan of attack? "Drinking, fighting, hooking up -- all that good stuff!" And even though she's (maybe??) joking about going on a "man-hunt," Kristin sez that she -- unlike her predecessor -- has no prob living out her love life on camera. "[I]f it goes somewhere, they'll follow it. If not, it'll be over," she promises.

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