VIDEO: Chanel And Ryan Sheckler?? Must Be The FF Finale!

We always kinda wondered what a skate-off between Rob Dyrdek and (Chanel's crush!) Ryan Sheckler would look like. And while we're not sure WHO'S participating in this week's Battle of the Boards, it looks like 'dem boys are going at it in a little speedracing competition. So who's got the sickest ride? We're not sure, but all we can say is, these two have seen The Fast and the Furious waaaaaay too many times ...

+ Holy, finale funbag! Tune in Sunday night at 9pm for the season finale of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and watch as sweet-but-misunderstood Chanel gets all Mrs. Robinson-y with Ryan Sheckler. Best show ever?

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