Poll: Is College Life Realistic? Or Just Reality TV?

College Life centers on the lives of seven students (we've met five so far) at a school of over 40,000. And not surprisingly, the show -- which depicts incoming freshmen in their natural habitat (i.e. dating, partying and struggling to balance boozing with academics) -- already has a healthy mix of fans and detractors on the University of Wisconsin campus.

"Could MTV have found bigger tools to represent UW Madison?" a commenter called tvguy994 fumes in response to the CL series premiere. "It makes me irate that people like this can even get into [a school like] Madison," he writes on MTV.com.

Others felt the show was fairly representative of campus life.

"[W]ho hasn't gotten drunk and overreacted and made a huge deal out of nothing?" a WU student named Sonja asks on a CL-inspired Facebook thread. "I think its [sic] a good chance to see the ups and downs of [freshmen year]," adds a poster named Callie.

Interestingly, angry students accused producers of everything from playing up the school's hard-partying rep to casting an overwhelmingly high percentage of campus "conservatives." So, what do YOU think? Is the show (filmed by actual students and edited by production teams) a realistic depiction of college life? Take the poll!