Mission Completed! Mito, Blue And Shotta Join The Gentleman's Club

The final episode of From G's to Gents kicked off with a ride on a private jet and was filled with plenty-o-drama for the rest of the hour. The most shocking moment (for us, at least) came when Season One's Creepa and Shotta — and not this season's former contestants — returned to help Fonzworth Bentley narrow the final three men down to two. They ultimately sent Teddy packing, but not before Bentley surprised everyone by inviting Shotta, last season's runner-up, to become an official member of the Gentleman's Club. It's great to see that last year's men have stayed on the straight and narrow!

But let's get down to the main event, shall we? Fonzworth crowned Mito as the ultimate gentleman in an emotional final chapter meeting (we may or may not have shed a few tears!). But that's not all: Bent also told Blue that, although he wasn't crowned the winner, he was accepted into the Gentleman's Club as well and would have housing for an entire year while he gets back on his feet. Everyone's a winner!

What a season! Do you think everything played out the way it should have? Vote in the poll and then share your favorite moments from Season Two in the comments below!

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