Fonzworth Bentley And His G's: Reunited And It Felt So Good?

The From G's to Gents reunion was everything we hoped it would be and more: Emotional, scandalous and, most of all, hilarious. Most of the humor was brought by Houston's finest, Riff Raff, who declared that he changed his name to "Raff Riff" in honor of opposite day. Also? He just discovered that "riff raff" is another term for "trash."

We also got the chance to catch up with some of our favorite G's, including Baron, who admitted that he went back to the alcohol after he left the Gentleman's Club but is no longer letting it get the best of him. And in even better news, he's moved out of the hood and into a gated community with his family — and he's starting a foundation to help kids get off the street. That, ladies and gentlemen, is true progress.

But the real show came when Fonzworth Bentley sat down to chat with Fahim, the Brooklyn-bred G with a lethal 'tude. Fahim is still having a tough go at it, and later declared that Bentley wouldn't understand his struggle — even going so far as to accuse him of running a "makeover show." Our boy Bent was very passionate in denying this and even had tears in his eyes as he explained how badly he wants to help others succeed.

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