It's Finale Time On G's To Gents ... Place Your Bets!

We've got some sad news, everybody: The second season of From G's to Gents ends tonight. But that doesn't mean the best isn't yet to come! There's an entire evening of Fonzworth Bentley and his crew lined up, starting with a cast reunion. Riff Raff brushes his teeth! All In dances! Fahim gets angry and has a heated confrontation with Bentley! There's even a proposal!

Afterward, the newest member of the Gentleman's Club will be inducted — and walk away with $100,000. Will it be Blue, Mito or Teddy? Our money's still on our original front-runner, Blue. But we hear Bentley will be enlisting the help of some special guests (formerly eliminated contestants, perhaps?) to help make his decision, so anything can happen.

Place your bets now on who you think will be the second official member of the Gentleman's Club!