Life After G's To Gents: Can Baron And His Baby Mama Make It Work?

We'll always have a soft spot in our heart for Baron, the G formerly known as "Dirty." After being dumped in a garbage bin as an infant, the gent-in-training really made something of himself during his time at the Gentleman's Club.

Alas, Fonzworth Bentley sent him packing because he felt that Baron had more important things to take care of — like his two children (and two more on the way!).

During the latest episode of From G's to Gents, Baron told us that he doesn't get along with his baby mama, and the two argued throughout most of her visit to the mansion. But when he proudly told her that he's staying sober, she promised to support him and help him along his path to recovery. So maybe there's hope for the two after all — besides, they do have a few kids to raise together!

Did you get the vibe that Baron and his baby mama could make it work or do you think there's no hope left for the couple? Sound off!