Cribs, Fantasy Edition! Who Wants To See The Jo Bros' Bachelor Pad??

As much as we loved scoping out Andrew, Alexis and Cole's pads, there are so many more celebrity Teen Cribs we're just dying to see. Below, the three famous abodes on our Fantasy Cribs list.

1. Miley Cyrus' swingin' single digs: These days, Miley's still living under Billy Ray Cyrus' roof. But at 18, we're thinking it's almost time for superhero Hannah Montana to get a place of her own. So what'll it look like? Well, natch we're thinking hot tubs (for those nights when underwear model-turned-devout-Christian Justin Gaston drops by), hot pink everything (think Elle Woods' dorm room digs in Legally Blonde) and walk-in closets the size of Rhode Island. Oh, and, of course, a burn book (for scribbling down seven things she hates about Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Annie Leibovitz and Nick Jonas).

2. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens' love nest: Engaged, married, dating, who cares?! These two crazy kids are in love! And when they decide to move in together (that is, if they haven't already), we can't wait to see the HSM bedsheets (where the PG magic happens!), the shower radio (pre-tuned to the Disney channel) and the medicine cabinet overflowing with hair/beauty products (leave-in conditioners, foaming moisturizers, undereye cream, mud masks, styling gel and one or two of Vanessa's things crammed in at the bottom).

3. The Jonas Brothers' bachelor pad: As of now, the Jonases (yes, even Kevin) are living at home with their 'rents. But one day, we know they'll go the Hanson route and get a boys-only McMansion with loads of fratmosphere. Expect to see posters of their favorite Hollywood movie stars (think: Babe 2: Pig In The City) a fully-stocked game room (their fave is Parcheesi!), and a detailed clothing chart to make sure none of the brothers accidentally wears his skintight flannel shirt on Vest Day.

+ Want more? Tell us whether you'd like to see more fantasy Cribs homes, like Daniel Radcliffe's London flat (where invisibility cloaks make clutter all but disappear!)