Holy Hookups! Shauvon and CT Get Freaky On The Roof

Did Shauvon and CT's lusty roof romp really happen? Judging by the way those two were giggling (not to mention zipping up their pants), we're gonna go with hellz-to-the-yeah. And in true RW/RR Challenge tradition, they weren't the only ones losing their clothes/inhibitions in Episode One.

In addition to Brooke, Davis and Ryan's menage a hot tub, we've got even money that says Paula (a.k.a. Poke'erhontas) got Geronimowed by the end of the night, possibly by her old pal Dunbar. And if we can believe what we see in the trailers, it's only a matter of time before Jenn and Rachel get their freak (back) on.

So who does that leave? Well, there's Robin and Mark, who used to date about a million years ago (seriously, dude's like 65), Diem who's as single as they come (and rebounding from the still-crazy CT) and Evan, who's hoping this'll be the year he (finally!) breaks that strikeout streak.

+ Got any more hot hookup predictions for The Duel 2? Let us know who you think will be getting it on down under before the season's over.